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Innovate faster with extra liquidity.

Focus on what moves your business forward. Overcome cashflow challenges and get funds from your future receivables today.

Leverage your Customers, not your Credit Score.

Invoice Factoring is not a loan. 

Viewin Capital buys your open invoices so you can get paid as soon as the next day.  Break free from liquidity constraints  and turn your receivables into immediate operating cash.

SR&ED Financing

Get your SR&ED refund before you start the project. Receive funding fast and easy with our automated platform.

Business Loans

We understand how difficult it is to manage cash flow when the expenses are all upfront. Get the liquidity you need to run your business today.

Innovation and R&D Grants

We finance a variety of R&D and Innovation grants and credits issued by the Canadian Government.

Invoice Factoring

Get paid the next day regardless of your payment terms. Focus on growing your business with automated invoice factoring.

By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Designed with innovators and entrepreneurs in mind. Built to overcome the challenges associated with conventional fundraising.

Retain your Equity

We exclusively provide non-dilutive financing. Never give up control or reduce your equity share.

Leverage your Receivables

Viewin Capital doesn't require personal guarantees from you or your shareholders - unlike banks and other private lenders.

Get Funding Faster

Skip the lengthy due diligence process. Viewin Capital only looks at your ability to repay the funds.

Invoice Factoring.
Low Cost of Capital. High Flexibility.

Accessing extra liquidity is faster and easier with Invoice Factoring. Get a lower cost of capital compared to the big banks or conventional private lenders. 


Plus, we handle the invoicing and collecting so you can focus on your business. Our easy to use online platform gets you funding decisions instantly.



Total Cost of Capital: $30k

Get  paid 97% of your invoice as soon as the next day.

Representative example with $1M annual invoices and 90 day payment terms. Loan examples assume a LOC with an average balance of $250k.

Kabu Ride expanded to three new cities and increased ride revenue by 268%.

Kabu is a ride hailing platform from Vancouver, Canada. Faced with intense competition from industry stalwarts like Uber and Lyft, Kabu needed to capitalize on their first-mover advantage in their local market.

Due to unique challenges with licensing, Kabu had drained a large portion of their resources awaiting permission to operate following changes in the regulatory environment.


Viewin Capital provided both SR&ED Financing to help with app development costs and a bridge loan to fund operations until additional capital arrived from an external investor.  

Empowering Businesses Everywhere


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Get advanced payments for future receivables with liquidity on demand.

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Technology Innovators

Access funds from grants and refundable tax credits before you start the project. Access up to 75% of your government receivables today and move your business forward without worrying about cashflow.

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Professional Services

Our automated factoring platform lets you take care of your clients while we handle invoicing, payment terms and everything else. Prevent chargebacks and get paid the same day you submit the invoice.

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Profitable Businesses

Even the best businesses face cashflow challenges when times are tough. Viewin Capital can help bridge the gap between income and expenses while you await other funding or provide the cash you need to grow.

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Jun - Sep 2023



Let's give your business what it needs to grow.

Accelerate growth and overcome cashflow challenges with our automated LaaS platform.


Reach out today to discuss your funding needs. 

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