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Empowering Businesses.

Viewin Capital: Liquidity as a Service

The Viewin Group

Viewin Capital:  member of the Viewin Group.

The Viewin Group is a multinational firm with offices in Vancouver, Shanghai and Beijing. Viewin is a growth enabler, working with entrepreneurs worldwide on moving their businesses forward through strategic consultancy, funding programs,  and creative.

Our Story

Funding for Entrepreneurs. Done Right.

Before starting Viewin Capital, each founding team member was out on their own, working on building different businesses, in different industries. What  connected us all, was the shared challenges we faced when growing and fundraising. 

Our funding model is based on an intimate understanding of the challenges founders face when growing their business.


 Built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Accelerate growth and overcome cashflow challenges with our automated LaaS platform.


Reach out today to discuss your funding needs. 

Let's give your business what it needs to grow.

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