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Funding Advances for Innovators

Access your R&D grant funding early.

Get the funds you need to innovate.

A flexible funding solution for entrepreneurs and innovators. Get better rates on debt financing by leveraging your grant receivables.

Cost Effective

Viewin Capital lends with your future grant payments as a security. This allows us to offer better rates than comparable loans from banks or other private lenders.

Fast & Easy

Get a funding decision faster with automated approvals. We require less paperwork than conventional lenders and never ask for personal guarantees.

Flexible Repayment

We understand that it's not always smooth sailing when you're running a business. That's why we offer flexibility with repayment dates based on grant disbursal.


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Grants and Tax Credits we finance.

Eliminate the need for equity based funding or high interest carrying loans from conventional providers like banks or private equity firms. 

SR&ED - Scientific Research & Experimental Development

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive program is designed to encourage Canadian businesses to conduct research and development in Canada. The program is the largest source of government funded financial support for R&D.

IRAP - Industrial Research Assistance Program

The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) is a Canadian government funding program designed to help Canadian SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) increase their innovation capacity and take ideas to market.

nGen - Next Generation Manufacturing

The NGen Manufacturing Program supports collaborative technology development. The program taps into ISI funding to support businesses that develop high potential technologies, create groundbreaking process transformation, and de-risk the adoption of technology.

Other R&D and Innovation Grants or Tax Credits

If you're a technology innovator in Canada and your grant or credit is not listed above, feel free to reach out and our team will review your specific situation. Viewin Capital is familiar with most R&D grants in Canada.

The Funding Process

Viewin Capital funding decisions are data-driven and solely based on your ability to repay. Access funds faster than with banks or private equity. 

Let's give your business what it needs to grow.

Accelerate growth and overcome cashflow challenges with our automated LaaS platform.


Reach out today to discuss your funding needs. 

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